Unemployment is no joke…

I’m questioning everything I thought I knew about myself. What value do I bring to a company?

When I first got laid off a couple of weeks ago, I was a little…relieved. Ive known it wasn’t a good fit for me for two years. Every day I had to look for work for my team and constantly create busy work. I successfully created two roadshows that brought me all over the US because I recognized a gap and convinced the company that it needed to happen. They were both extremely successful and I was able to make something out of nothing. When I look at things like that, I know that I created value for my organization and for my team.

When I got the call that I was being laid off, I had two questions: one, was my team impacted (no) and two, would I be able to speak to them (yes). Caring for people I am responsible for comes naturally to me. I strongly believe that the ability to create relationships is the key to successfully building a team of contributing staff members. This is another place where I create value.

I have built teams; I have laid people off. I have created structure where there was none. I have identified and fixed gaps. I have former employees that would follow me anywhere. And yet, I’m left questioning my value to an organization.

Yep, unemployment is no joke.