Today I sit…

This morning I got on the scale and was pleasantly surprised to see it had gone down…almost effortlessly. I am eating breakfast and then really nothing until dinner, mostly because I am not thinking about it. I am busy. I am filling my moments with job searches, conversations, etc. and not thinking about eating all the time. Success one.

Yesterday, I had a lot of running around. Today too. That’s a good thing; its a distraction. I also spoke to an Executive coach and he was…inspiring. And, not that I needed it, but he gave me permission to just – sit. Sit with my thoughts. Sit with my feelings. Sit with my anxiety. Sit with my fear. Thats a hard one. My immediate reaction is always “whats next?” and spring into action, but maybe its time to do it differently. Maybe thats the only way I am going to figure out what I truly want to do. He said so many smart things, I am still processing. One of my favorites though was about purpose, profits and passion…determining which of those three really fill my tank. Purpose and passion feel so linked for me, its hard to differentiate. Even though money is for sure the “nice to have”, it doesnt get me out of bed in the morning and ultimately, isnt that what its all about? What is going to get you out of bed each day?

So today, I got up at 630, got a shower. I am going to put on a little makeup and start my day. Im going to read my devotionals. Read more of my man Steve Harvey’s book. And just sit in my jumble of thoughts…no action will be taken to find a job, not today. Today, I am sitting.

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