Woah, that word sucks ass. Unemployed. I am going to have to move quickly and remedy this situation. Im the kind of person who likes structure. The more time I have, the more time I waste!

I’ve been doing pretty good about using my mornings to focus on the job hunt and I am keeping my snacking to a minimum. Right now I am doing a lot of running around and my norm is to go through drivethrus but I am not doing that so that I can save some money. I really am trying to focus on the silver lining. Some days easier than others…its been one week today. I have basically until mid-August to find something otherwise, my insurance lapses.

The main thing is, I really dont know what Im looking for…actually, I do know what I am looking for but I dont know what to call it. I am a really good people manager. I am also good at facilitating conversations and helping people adjust, adapt and embrace change. I have people that have worked for me before, that would follow me to any job if I asked them to. I know I am an asset, I just struggle with how to package that and do something I love instead of just something that pays the bills. Wouldnt that be amazing? To do something you love and be able to live on it?

I just want to be happy, is that so hard?


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