Putting a plan together…

You know when you get so overwhelmed that you just start spinning in circles? I am in full on spin. I have given up on my diet, almost completely. We’ve already talked about how out of control I am there…and now professionally, I am starting my spin. Between my personal and professional lives, I am getting whiplash. I keep going back and forth between staying with what I know or “taking the path less traveled” (nod to Robert Frost). I know its only been since Tuesday so I have some time to figure it all out, but I feel so much pressure to put a plan together.

I feel like I can’t tackle all of it at once and if I don’t get my professional shit together, my personal shit wont matter because ultimately, I will be living in a box and wont be able to afford to eat so that will solve that! Oh wait, so that feels like a plan! Wouldn’t it be funny if that’s the real deal? Maybe not so funny.

I am starting to formulate a plan of action. My first one was to declutter. To take advantage of having some downtime and tackle some of the things that I was putting off until I take some vacation time…well since I am on this forced vacation, no time like the present. So today I am cleaning out my home office. I also have all the shit from my Citi office in the garage that I need to deal with…ok, one thing at a time, the spin is real, y’all. Again, for today, my plan is this office.

Today, I will organize my office. I will pay my bills. I will complete both of these tasks. Yes, that is me trying to convince myself.

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