I have none. Personally nor professionally. At least that’s the way I’m acting. I act as if I don’t want success and I don’t want to be a contributing member of society. Nothing could be further from the truth. I want so much more for myself than what I’m demonstrating.

There is this old saying (adage? -is there a difference) that if you bargain for life with a penny, that’s all you’ll get back. Honestly, I fucking owe the universe money. I’m definitely not living up to my potential.

I’m in a job that I hate. It sucks the life out of me on the daily…but I’m grateful to have one. I am in a body that is so mad at me, it’s attacking itself (Hashimotos, Vitiligo, Lupus, seriously, what else?)! I’m pretty sure I have a new hernia. And still I get fatter every day.

I don’t want a pill that makes me thin. I want a pill that makes me WANT it so bad that I actually do it. Someone fucking wake me up.

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