Day 14

I think my soulmate might be carbs ~Pinterest

“If I could just get to the perfect weight, then life would be perfect.” I think I said something to that effect a few days ago…I just read that again in a passage in the book…its basically debunking that theory. And I guess, deep down, I know that to be true, but its deep, deep down aaaand, I sure would like to test the theory! LOL

I have one week left of my 21…I actually didn’t notice it until this morning. I realize that I am on Day 14, but it didn’t register that it meant only one week left. I am a little afraid to let it go. We all know that I haven’t been perfect, but the structure has really helped me. I am just over 10 pounds down. I am reading my OA books again which really help me center and I am feeling a little less overwhelmed about my future path to wellness. All really, really good things.

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